Bob Lerner and Cristallo Partners Angie Wellman, Alice Rogan-Nelson, Heather Hartle

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Juror's Statement and List of Award Winners

Bob Lerner, photojournalist and freelance commercial photographer will be the Juror for this Photography Show. A sixty-year retrospective, "A Lens to the World", was recently held at the Chrysler Museum of Art, in Norfolk, Virginia.

Juror's Statement

Judging this exhibition has been an honor and a pleasure. I believe there is a lot of high quality work here -- work that reflects the artist's personal vision.

The criteria I apply in judging are the same standards I use to evaluate my own work as well as the students I mentor.

First, there must be an understandable idea. To quote Ansel Adams "One thing that distresses me is a sharp picture of a fuzzy concept."

Second, I believe a body of work of three pictures that holds together is a very good measure of the artist's talent.

Thirdly is the presentation -- good print quality, framing and matting always enhances the work.

I would like to express my congratulations to those of you that have received recognition, and I encourage all of you to continue to pursue this wonderful art.







First Place

Body of Work

Betty Scott Owen

Second Place

Body of Work

Kathryn Wasserman

Third Place

Body of Work

Dixie Doerr

Award of Excellence

Body of Work

Bruce Brelsford

Honorable Mention

"Prairie Farm"

William Ahearn

Honorable Mention


Jeff McKnight

Honorable Mention

Body of Work

Eric Griffith

Honorable Mention

Body of Work

John Matney II