May 9 - June 28, 2003

Brooks Johnson (left) announces Andrea Whitehurst (right) wins the top award

Brooks Johnson
Curator of Photography for the Chrysler Museum of Art
Juror Statement:

First, I would like to thank all those who submitted work to this exhibition for making my job so difficult! With so much good work to choose from it was not an easy task to select the awards for this exhibition. Although you made my job hard, I am thrilled to discover that such a consistently high level of work is being created in our area.

I chose the awards based on all three images submitted, not on an individual photograph. The top awards were given to those artists who had three photographs that held together as a body of work. For those who did not receive awards, on another day, with a different juror, the results would undoubtedly be quite different. So to those who were not selected, I encourage you to continue working with your art. To those who received recognition---congratulations!

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First Place

Body of Work

Andrea Whitehurst

Second Place

Body of Work

John Matney II

Third Place

Body of Work

Maggie Brockwell

Honorable Mention

"Lahinch Beach"

Joseph Loesch

Honorable Mention

"Desert Fireworks"

William Ahearn

Honorable Mention

"Beauty Screened"

Bruce Breisford

Honorable Mention

"Trial Bay Gaol"

Richard Nelson

Honorable Mention

"An Alternate Reality"

Betty Scott Owen

Honorable Mention

"5 O'Clock"

Mary Fiore

Heather, Brooks, Alice, & Angie after the opening