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selected images from out current show - work from over 30 artists

August 25 - September 29, 2001

James Underwood, "Near Apple Orchard Mountain"

James Knox, "Godstick", glass

Darrell Craig, "Seated Nude on Pillow", 21x22, $295

Gloria Coker - "Dixieland Jazz", 18x24, acrylic, $850

Neil Duman, "Vase with Sand Casting", glass, $900

Gloria Coker - "Drummer", 22x30, acrylic, $850

Janice Gaymaker, "Backwater At Dawn", 18x22, oil pastel, $400

Lindy Z. Brammer, "The Last of It's Kind", 11x32, watercolor, $475

Jenny Windsor, "Meadow", $600

Mike Ridgeway, "Sorrow", 8x10, collage, $85

Darcy Meeker, "Gremlin", alabaster, $1200

Wen-Shu Wu, "Before Withering", 19x25, acrylic, $480

George Westbrook, white/pink alabaster vessels

Darcy Meeker, "Focus", alabaster, $1200

Gloria Coker, "After the Game"18x24, acrylic, $850

Neil Duman, "Blue Rocker", glass, $900

Robert Lentz

Karen Schwartz, "Iris Garden II", 17x20, watercolor, $250

Robert Lentz

bracelet and two necklaces

Jenny Windsor, "Marshland", $600

June C. Skalak, "Passages", 24x30, collage, $600

Earrings from grouping at right

Necklace bead from grouping at left